About Us

Years and years of collective experience in the bike industry drove us to create Lōgōs, a component brand with a focus on championing proven open standards whenever possible, and designing and developing parts around the needs of people who ride. 

We wanted to create a brand that was more than just our logos, so in a tongue in cheek effort to not take ourselves too seriously, we named ourselves Lōgōs after the greek word - interpreted to mean something slightly different by each philosopher who considered it. To us it is a revealing of truth, emerging from careful consideration of objects and beings, in relation and in a vacuum.

We’re a team of: Product designers, innovators, founders, supply-chain architects, systems-builders, and operations-specialists

And: Community-builders, photographers, podcasters, artists, copywriters, tea connoisseurs, closeted nerds, out-of-the-closet nerds, and passionate riders.

We’re also: Some of the people behind Thesis Bike, The Gravel Ride Podcast, The Ridership online community, and other initiatives.

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