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At the heart of every Lōgōs wheel is the arche|os open standard hubset. Built to the now open “star ratchet” standard patented by Hügi in the 90s and later popularized by DT Swiss, arche|os employs the superior dual-sprung variant that established this standard as the “archetype” for bombproof reliability. All variants distribute torsional loads across many (in our case 36) hardened teeth machined into two solid, interlocking rings for an immensely robust engagement interface that is resilient to the misclocking-based point-loading that lead pawl-based hubs to fail. Our dual-sprung variants allow each ratchet to float independently in engaging the other to ensure full engagement every time, preventing the misalignment-based failures that have plagued more sensitive single-sprung variants (learn more).

We chose centerlock for its ease of rotor removal and reinstallation, lower system weight, and ability to be adapted to 6-bolt whereas the inverse is not possible.

Brilliantly simple, easily serviceable, highly adaptable, exceptionally lightweight, and among the strongest at any weight, arche|os hubs are compatible with freehubs, end caps, and ratchets from DT Swiss (excluding the newer single-sprung EXP variants) and others adhering to this standard.

arché|os hubs

arché|os Hubset

An open standard hubset, built around long-term durability and serviceability, at a benchmark weight. The arché|os hub won't weigh down a road wheel, and doesn't blink at loaded bikepacking expeditions.

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arché|os boost hubset

Using the same tried and tested open standards of our non-boost hubset, these hubs up the spoke count to 28 and employs the wider boost axle standard for improved stiffness where it counts, making holding a line through chunky rock gardens easier than ever.

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