While riders have had success using DT Swiss components with Logos hubs, using DT Swiss components on Logos wheels and hubs will void the warranties of all DT Swiss components used. Riders combining DT Swiss and Logos components should be aware that they do so at their own risk.

While there are some advantages to using centerlock rotors, like reduced weight and quick installation, there are many quality centerlock to 6-bolt adapters available from 3rd parties.

We recommend internally-splined lockrings for all bikes with 12mm front thru-axles to avoid potential interference at the dropouts, and externally-splined lockrings for all bikes with 15mm front thru-axles to clear the axle.

Yes! All Lōgōs products come with a warranty against manufacturing defects, which you can read here. We care deeply about your experience and safety, so if you notice any issues with a Lōgōs product you purchased, don't hesitate to reach out to us here.

Yes, all Lōgōs components are backed by our Standard At Cost Incident Protection Program as standard. We also offer Premium Incident Protection at a reasonable cost for those wanting even more peace of mind. If you need replacement parts due to a crash or other circumstance, you can reach out to us here to submit a request.

While our wheelsets are as strong or stronger than many included on e-bikes or recommended for e-bike use, we believe that the increased weight, torque, and speed warrants an even burlier build. Sign up below if you’d like to be updated when we release e- bike compatible versions of our wheels.

We are always looking to the future of what’s possible in the bike space and welcome input from all riders on what they want to see in the world. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest announcements, and get in touch if you have something you wish we made.

One of the many benefits of building our hubs to the open dual-sprung star ratchet standard is compatibility with an established ecosystem of components. While we do not yet offer Campagnolo freehub kits, the following part numbers from DT Swiss are compatible and readily available:

Ultra-Drive freehub with 142x12mm end cap: HWYABX00S7154S

N3W freehub with 142x12mm end cap: HWYABL00S2992S

To accommodate riders wanting a dynamo front wheel, we allow the purchase of an extra rim at cost (50% off) so they can build with the dynamo hub of their choice. Simply add your wheelset(s) and an equal or lesser quantity of extra rims to your cart and use the code “AtCostRimForDynamo” at checkout.

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