When we say benchmark performance and versatility, we mean components that reliably perform at the highest level across multiple disciplines year after year, remaining in use and out of landfills with minimum maintenance and lifetime cost of ownership. 

It’s achieved via forward-thinking design, state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing, precise tolerances, and obsessive attention to detail. And it makes Lōgōs components an absolute joy to own as you and your riding evolve.


- Asymmetric profiles balance spoke angles and tensions to increase average and thus overall tension, allowing our standard spoke counts to achieve heavier-duty strength and durability.

- Bead locks keep tires securely in place under constantly changing loads to prevent burping and blowoffs.

- High-impact bead hooks on our 700C rims allow the safe use of tubeless and tubed clincher road tires at pressures up to 110psi. No troubling pressure or compatibility constraints, no blow-off anxieties, no compromises.

- 2x lacing create a stronger wheel relative to 1x or radial lacing.

- 1:1 spoke ratios create a wheel that is more resilient to spoke failure and that can be rebalanced to get you home in a pinch.

- Mixed-modulus layups place tough mid-modulus carbon in impact zones and stiff higher-modulus carbon in non-impact zones.

- Individually-reinforced spoke holes eliminate unnecessary material without compromising strength or durability.


- State-of-the-art molding achieves a flawless raw matte carbon finish straight from the mold while eliminating excess resin and the need for coatings.

- Angle-drilling ensures a perfectly straight spoke path from rim to hub flange for increased durability.

- Strict <0.3mm vertical & lateral tolerances ensure a rounder and truer wheel.


- Tight <30kgf tension tolerances for each side of the wheel keeps it rounder and truer for longer.

- Comprehensive structural and environmental testing of each component individually and as part of the complete wheel system ensures we deliver on our promises.