Enduro XD15 bearing upgrade kit

Enduro XD15 bearing upgrade kit

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Available pre-installed on all Logos wheelset models.

Each bearing kit contains a complete set of 6 ceramic-hybrid bearings for installation in arché|os front and rear hubs (including freehub).

Backed by Enduro's lifetime warranty, professional installation is strongly encouraged.

Size boost

Bearings for life

To put it simply, Enduro’s XD15 super-stainless, ceramic-hybrid bearings are the only ceramic bearings we would consider for our riders.

The magic starts with the races, milled from XD15 aerospace grade, nitrogen-infused stainless steel. Developed by a European consortium and only available through Enduro for cycling applications, XD15 super-stainless bearing races are designed specifically for ceramic balls. These bearings will never pit or rust and should any grit enter the bearing, it will be pulverized to actually polish the bearing ball track. XD15 bearings get faster over time and are guaranteed for life including against corrosion.

For riders who find themselves in the most demanding conditions, want to save every last watt, or for those that wish to effectively eliminate bearing maintenance, we recommend upgrading to Enduro’s XD15 wheel bearings.

A Decade of Testing

Bicycle bearings endure never ending abuse from multi-directional loads, inclement weather, abrasive soils, chemical contamination and neglected maintenance.

Overlaying 100s of hours of laboratory controlled amplified
load testing, accelerated corrosion testing and 10 years of real world riding confirm the performance and durability advantages of XD15 bearings. They withstand punishing conditions and actually become more efficient (faster) over time.

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Built for life - guaranteed

An Enduro exclusive, XD15 is the pinnacle in bicycle bearing technology. XD15 ceramic-hybrid hub bearings combine silicon nitride grade 3 balls with an advanced, nitrogen-infused, aerospace stainless steel bearing race that will never rust or corrode. As a guarantee to the incredible durability of XD15 bearings, Enduro offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.