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Recently, there has been yet another round of news regarding road tires blowing off hookless rims. For concerned owners of hookless road wheels, we've decided to step up with a trade-in rebate offer of up to $600 toward wheels with the proven margin-of-safety and peace-of-mind of hooked rims.

It is our position that today’s road hookless has not been proven safe, and that rather than putting the responsibility on riders to comply with the latest tire-compatibility and pressure restrictions, our industry should be producing hooked road wheels to ensure that tires don’t blow off.

While hookless rims have proven safe with the lower pressures of gravel, MTB, and wider slick tires, the higher pressures of road tires require tighter tolerances. These tolerances are challenging to control across manufacturers and production batches, even before considering the rim tape's impact on the tolerance stack-up. Without a reliable margin of safety, factors such as using an inaccurate floor pump, leaving a bike in the sun, or using a different tape, not to mention an impact, can increase the risk of a sudden catastrophe.

Riders should be able to run the tires they prefer at pressures suitable for how they ride. Hooked road rims have long provided a margin of safety across manufacturers, at pressures higher than anyone needs to be riding, with no downside beyond manufacturing cost. We believe in innovation, including hookless where appropriate. We also believe that universal tire compatibility and rider safety must come first.

Simply contact us with a description of your trade-in to take advantage of this opportunity to receive a rebate of up to $600 toward our Aéras and Epoché wheelsets featuring hooked rims, star ratchet hubs. All Lōgōs wheels come with a Lifetime Warranty, Lifetime Incident Protection, and 2 years of No-Fault Crash Replacement. Pricing starts at $1299 with Enduro sealed bearings and $1850 with Enduro’s effectively-indestructible XD15 ceramic-hybrids.

For bicycle shops looking to switch to the proven safety of hooked road wheels, Lōgōs has programs to help you thrive. Just reach out to us and we'll get back to you right away.

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