arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset
arche|os hubset

arche|os hubset

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At the heart of every Lōgōs wheel is the arche|os open standard hubset. Built to the now open “star ratchet” standard patented by Hügi in the 90s and later popularized by DT Swiss, arche|os employs the superior dual-sprung variant that established this standard as the “archetype” for bombproof reliability.

Brilliantly simple, easily serviceable, highly adaptable, exceptionally lightweight, and among the strongest at any weight, arche|os hubs are compatible with freehubs, end caps, and ratchets from DT Swiss (excluding the newer single-sprung EXP variants) and others adhering to this standard.


arché|os exploded view star ratchet hub and freehub

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Proven Open Standards

Our arché|os hubs are based on the arche(typal) system patented by Hügi in the 90s under the brand name “star ratchet” and later popularized by DT Swiss.

They maintain cross-compatibility with components adhering to this standard, including non-EXP DT180/240/350 hubs from DT Swiss.

Dual-Sprung Floating Ratchet considered by many to make for the world’s most reliable and serviceable hubs. Dual-sprung ratchets allow both ratchets to float independently for consistently complete engagement, preventing the mis-engagement failures that have plagued more sensitive single-sprung variants as well as pawl-based systems.

10° Engagement 36T Ratchets balance responsiveness, durability, noise, and drag for a reliably fast hub without risk of pedal kickback. Compatible with 54T ratchets for those seeking even tighter engagement.

Centerlock rotor interfaces offer ease of rotor removal and reinstallation, lower system weight, and easy adaptability to 6-bolt.

Straight-Pull Flanges create a lighter hubshell that builds a stronger and (in our opinion) more beautiful wheel.

Tool Free serviceability makes maintenance and cassette swaps between wheelsets a breeze.