logos noun

Lo·​gos | \ ˈlō-ˌgäs , -ˌgōs \

Definition: reason that in ancient Greek philosophy is the controlling principle in the universe


Conceptually logos is often presented as an unwavering approach toward determining veracity, validity, and thus truth, staunchly entrenched in Hellenistic Greek discourse; a methodology for persuasion. But putting it in those terms can alienate our understanding from the sentimental and sensory.

Logos is found and expressed through the threefold sense of ratio: reason, ground and relation. A revealing of truth through understanding of and experience with the world we live in, ultimately meaningless without perception to ground it in reality.

Was that Greek to you? Sorry you just stumbled into a freshman philosophy class. Let’s get down to brass tacks - In an effort to persuade ourselves that there was a reason to create a bike component company, we had to uncover the raison d'etre, the world within which it would exist, and the context that would bring it to be.

In short Lōgōs set out to make rider centered products, designed to be durable, functional, and as accessible as possible, while adhering to the benchmark standards for best in class componentry. Bike Parts that let you lose yourself in the ride, that you’ll love, not covet, and that fight obsolescence rather than instigate it.

Lōgōs is our reason.


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